Why Do Accidents Happen?: Northeastern Cities Have the Highest Number of Car Crashes in the United States

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It turns out one of the most dangerous things you can do in the Northeast is drive a car. Data compiled from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that crowded Northeastern cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Providence have the highest number of car accidents, collectively, per year. Newark, NJ, also made the list.

Those who have traveled New Jersey’s roads understand these rampant crashes to be a reality. But what, at the core, is the reason for this statewide game of bumper cars?

Aggressive Driving
Everybody driving a car has some place that they have to be. However, more important than they get there on time, is that they get there in one piece. Tailgating, erratic passing and other forms of automotive bullying are more likely to result in an accident than safe arrival. Share the road and plan accordingly before you go out.

Overcrowded Roadways
It’s easy to feel claustrophobic on New Jersey’s highways. Every commuter has felt the squeeze of their neighbor’s car breathing exhaust down their necks. Although we’re sandwiched between two major cities, we are by all accounts, a driver’s state. With so many drivers and such limited space, it’s little wonder that we bump into each other so often.

Road Rage
Whether it’s a feeling that their business is more important than anybody else’s or that they have the right to be at the front of the pack, some people feel that adrenaline rush and let it take over behind the wheel. This is a recipe for disaster, the result of which we see nearly every day on our roadways. The irony is that accidents lead to more congestion creating more of a fertile climate for road rage.

Sharing the road is just part of living in New Jersey. If you’re the victim of another’s driver’s thoughtlessness or aggression, you have the right to compensation and justice. Be sure to speak with an experienced attorney who can help you get both.

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