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Regardless of the season, New Jersey is the perfect place to take to the open road on your bike. However, all too often, car and truck drivers fail to notice motorcyclists who are simply trying to safely share the road. When motorcycle crashes occur, the injuries sustained can be disastrous. That’s because, among other things, motorcycles are far smaller than cars and trucks, and bikers are less protected from the elements than their vehicular counterparts. The truth is, hardly a day goes by when we don’t read about another motorcycle fatality on New Jersey roadways. If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident involving a motorcycle, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. Speak to the skilled personal injury lawyers at The Wilton Law Firm. We will work tirelessly to ensure you receive funds to pay for medical bills and any wages lost while you are out of work recovering from your accident. Contact our office today.

Causes of NJ Motorcycle Accidents

Every year in New Jersey, there are about 2,500 motorcycle crashes, according to the Federal Highway Authority. In fact, statistics reveal that three out of every four motorcycle accidents end with a severe personal injury. Here are two of the main reasons motorcycle crashes occur:

  • Roadway Conditions: Weather, especially rain-slicked or icy roads, or even blindingly sunny conditions, increases the chances of a motorcycle accident. Further, poorly maintained roads, such as potholes or unevenly graded pavement, can present huge difficulties for a motorcyclist. The real problem occurs when a skilled bike rider attempts to avoid these hazards and, unfortunately, gets hit by an inattentive car or truck driver.
  • Driver Negligence: Car and truck drivers often fail to see motorcycles until it’s too late. Oftentimes, these motorists are either they are distracted by something on the road, or by negligent behavior such as cell phone usage or fiddling with the radio. Additionally, a negligent motorist can easily clip a biker while carelessly making a left turn or when switching lanes. The small size of the bike in comparison with the car only increases the risk of blind spot complications.

To make matters worse, sometimes car drivers are even purposefully belligerent. Annoyed by the loud sounds a motorcycle can make, for example, a car driver may tailgate a motorcycle to intimidate them to move over. The best recourse a motorcycle rider has is to stay alert, attempt to truly “share” the road, wear clothing that makes them visible to other drivers and obey all traffic laws. If despite your best efforts, an accident does occur, the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Wilton Law Firm will take on your case and fight for the compensation you deserve.

What should I do if I’ve been in a motorcycle accident?

As a motorcyclist, you wear reflective clothing and a helmet, obey traffic laws and do your best to share the road and maintain safe driving distances. However, if, despite your best efforts, you are in a bike crash, you should immediately do the following:

  • Tend to your medical needs. Of course, if you are severely injured, allow medical personnel to do what needs to be done to get you safely to a hospital. Your health and welfare are paramount. However, if your injuries are not life-threatening, take stock of your surroundings.
  • Are there witnesses to your accident? Try to obtain their names and contact information before they leave the scene. If you can’t speak to them directly, see if someone else nearby will collect that information and email it to you.
  • Take photographs. Again, this may not be something you are physically able to do – especially if your phone was cracked in the accident. However, these days, nearly everyone has a camera in their pocket. Ask bystanders if you can use their phones to take photos of the accident scene and your injuries, if possible. They can text or email them to you.
  • Obtain an accident report. When you speak with the experienced personal injury lawyers at the Wilton Law Firm, we will want to see the accident report. We will comb through it to piece together what happened and work tirelessly to hold the negligent parties responsible for your accident.

Recovering Compensation After an Accident

Personal Injury Protection does not extend to motorcyclists in the state of New Jersey, so you should always purchase a separate motorcycle policy to ensure that your medical expenses and lost wages are covered. That being said, you may recover additional compensation for your burdens with the help of a skilled personal injury attorney for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • The need to hire in-home care
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering

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The Wilton Law Firm has proudly represented the wrongly injured in motorcycle accidents throughout New Jersey for over 20 years. Contact our offices today; we will discuss your accident, explain your rights, and tell you what we believe we can recover on your behalf. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries. We’ll fight for your right to maximum compensation. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact The Wilton Law Firm today.