Posting on Social Media After a Car or Truck Accident? | What to Know

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If you have been injured in a car or truck accident, you may want to post photos or stories of the accident. It is natural to want to warn others and keep friends and family updated on our health. While posting on social media after an accident may feel helpful, or at least harmless, it is neither. Posting on your social media accounts after an accident can negatively impact your personal injury case. Read on to learn more about the dos and don’ts of social media after an accident.


Understand that as soon as you file a personal injury claim, your social media accounts may be monitored by insurance agents and defense attorneys. 

Set your account to private and avoid accepting new followers unless you know them personally. A new follower may be someone from the defense attempting to gain access to your information.

Refrain from posting about the accident or your injury until the end of your case. 

Warn your friends and family to avoid tagging you in any posts or photos. 

Do Not:

Post about your accident. You may say something to convince the defense that the accident was actually your fault, even if you don’t mean to.

Post any photos of yourself or the activities in which you partake. If you claim to have a back injury and then make a post about going out with friends, a defense attorney may wonder whether your injury is as serious as you claim.

Post too often. This may convince the defense that you are emotionally unaffected by the injury. Additionally, it may be tempting to let your friends and family know that you are doing well, but whatever you post for your friends and family can also be accessed by the defense.

Feel like having a private account means you can discuss your injury or accident. A defense attorney can access your social media regardless of a private account, even potentially gaining access to deleted posts.

Post any sensitive information. What you and your attorney discuss is kept confidential. Don’t give important information away by publicizing it on the internet.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car or truck accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation. To discuss your case, reach out to our firm today. We want to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Posting on social media may impact this, so it is important to be aware of your online presence. Reach out to our firm if you have any questions about what you should or should not post.


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