How Do You Know If You Have a Third Party Claim?

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Having an accident in your workplace can wreak havoc on your life. It not only makes it difficult to make ends meet, but it might also impede your ability to make a living later on. When you file for Workers’ Compensation insurance, you will get medical treatment and replacement pay. However, you will also likely notice that Workers’ Comp doesn’t necessarily cover all the expenses that you’ve incurred.

Since you can’t sue your employer, what can you do to make sure you are appropriately financially compensated for your losses? The answer is this: if you can prove (with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer) that someone or some other company was responsible for your injury, When this happens, many may suggest seeing if you qualify for a 3rd party claim. Sadly, you might not be able to establish a good third party claim. But then again, you might. Here are some indicators that you may have a good case on your hands.

  • Your company hired some subcontractors who made your work area unsafe. The subcontractors can be held responsible for their negligence.
  • There’s a direct link between a faulty product and your injury. If a product was not manufactured to safety standards, it may be grounds for lawsuit. Similarly, if a tool was not properly maintained and you had to use it in your job, that can be grounds for a suit in certain situations.
  • The building where your company is located was improperly managed or poorly maintained. If poor building maintenance contributed to your injury or illness, this can be grounds for a suit. This is especially true if it involves a work environment that has exposed you to toxic substances. (Note that the responsibility of this negligence must lie with someone other than your employer or the Workers’ Comp immunity clause will be enforced.)
  • You were hit by a car while on the job. The driver may need to pay damages, too.
  • The safety equipment that you used didn’t protect you like it should have. If you were wearing safety goggles that didn’t adequately protect your eyes from flying shrapnel, you may have a case against the manufacturer.

There are many different reasons why someone would have grounds for a third party lawsuit. Speak to a qualified personal injury lawyer who will advise you about your rights and who will fight to win maximum compensation in your case. Contact the Wilton Law Firm for sound legal advice right away.