In Their Own Words: Surgeons Admit They’re Human and Fallible

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When we’re undergoing any sort of operation, most of us have a reasonable expectation that things will go well and there won’t be any problems. That’s not to say it’s not OK to be nervous when you are about to go under the knife. However, we put our faith in doctors’ training, skills and experience.

A recent tongue-and-cheek article in The Beast, “What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You,” revealed that, while we have every right to feel confident in the doctors we choose, they aren’t infallible. In fact, many physicians, being flesh and bones, have fears and make mistakes. And, according to at least this one cute view of a very serious topic, doctors have feelings of inadequacy and they do fear failing.

On a more statistically serious note, incidents of malpractice and medical malpractice insurance premium rates are also proof that, indeed, mistakes are being made by doctors far more than anyone might truly like to believe.

Some Doctors Fear Operating on Overweight Patients

Accessing vital organs is considerably more difficult if a surgeon has to rifle through layers of fat to get there. They are also worried about other risks associated with general obesity that can emerge during a surgical procedure.

The Emergency Room Is Not a Quiet and Serene Environment

It’s common for doctors to crack crude jokes, listen to loud music and shout at their colleagues once the patient is under anesthesia. Many of us have the image of the quiet OR in which you can hear a pin drop. This is not always the case.

Some Surgeons are Scared of Leaving Something Inside of a Patient

While this may not be something most people would like to even to be an issue, the prospect of leaving things like medical material or instruments inside of a patient, or even removing the wrong organ, weighs heavily on many of our surgeons’ minds.

We can take this one of two ways: we can live in fear or we can embrace the humanity of our caretakers. Either way, we need to be mindful that medical accidents do happen. Medical errors including surgical malpractice, diagnostic mistakes and medication mix-ups are leading causes of death in the United States. Don’t hide your head in the sand, no matter how horrible the prospect of being a statistic might be. If you are injured by a physician’s mistake, contact , a knowledgeable and qualified attorney to pursue damages.

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