Can I Ever Sue a Gym for an Injury?

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Some people think that a gym cannot be sued for injuries, but this is not true. Even if you signed some kind of waiver when you joined up, that does not mean that you are without legal options. If you got hurt at a gym, talk to our Monmouth County personal injury attorneys. You may have a valuable case on your hands.

When Can a Gym Be Blamed for Injuries?

You are not going to be able to sue a gym because you overdid it and strained something, at least not usually. Most personal injury lawsuits involve some kind of negligence on the part of the gym. You took reasonable precautions, but some kind of unexpected and dangerous situation at the gym itself caused you harm. Personal injury cases involving gyms usually involve:

  • Falling hazards, like spills, broken flooring, and poorly lit areas
  • Malfunctioning gym equipment
  • Improperly maintained equipment
  • Unqualified trainers who use unsafe techniques
  • Inadequate security

You expect to be a bit sore after a trip to the gym. You do not expect to end up with serious injuries. All of the above issues can make a business dangerous, and employees and owners who do not act to fix such safety issues should be held liable for the pain their negligence has caused.

What Should I Do If I Get Hurt at the Gym?

If you get hurt at the gym, take pictures of the area where you got injured. Did you slip and fall due to a leaky ceiling? Did you injure yourself on broken gym equipment? Take pictures of the issue and then report the problem to the business itself. Then you need to get medical attention.

Document everything from here on out. If a gym owner or employee says anything to you, write it down or keep copies of the correspondence. If they try to offer any gifts, refuse them. Then think about contacting a personal injury lawyer and pursuing a lawsuit.

How Long Do I Have to Sue If I Get Hurt at the Gym?

You do not have an unlimited amount of time to sue though, so keep this in mind. New Jersey gives you two years to pursue legal action. It can seem like a long time, but the days and weeks can fly by quickly. Do not miss your chance to pursue the compensation that you deserve.

What Can My Compensation Help Cover?

Your compensation should make up for the economic costs of your accident and offer you non-economic damages. Economic damages can cover things like missed paychecks and the cost of medical care. Non-economic damages are reimbursement for mental anguish, pain and suffering, and any trauma that resulted from the accident. A compensation offer is not complete if it does not address both economic and non-economic damages.

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