Who is Responsible For a Car Accident Caused by a Road Hazard?

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Usually, the party to blame in a car accident is one of the drivers, but sometimes an unforeseen road hazard can actually cause damage and injuries. If you were in an accident involving a road hazard of some kind, our Monmouth County car accident attorneys can help you pursue compensation and hold all liable parties responsible.

Is the Entity Who Made the Road Hazard Responsible?

In some cases, the party that created the road hazard can be held responsible. Sometimes the government responsible for maintaining the roads can be blamed. Maybe they left construction equipment behind after road work or did not put adequate signage up warning drivers about a sharp turn. These are hazardous conditions that they could conceivably be blamed for.

A private company or individual could also be responsible for causing a road hazard. A good example is if someone has loaded their truck up with construction supplies without securing everything properly. If those items fall out of the truck and cause an accident, the driver of the truck and the company that employs them could be blamed.

Other drivers can also be partially blamed when an accident is caused by a road hazard. If they were speeding or driving while distracted, they might not be able to react to unexpected road conditions and could endanger themselves and others.

Can I Sue After Being Harmed by a Road Hazard?

In some cases, you can sue after an accident that was caused by a road hazard. If another driver was responsible, you can sue them for damages. If a company that created the road hazard was responsible, then you can go after them. In those cases where multiple parties contributed to the accident, we can help you hold all of them accountable.

You should act quickly if you plan to sue. The state of New Jersey gives you just two years to begin pursuing legal action after an accident like this, and the time limit can be even shorter if a government entity is involved.

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help Me?

A car accident attorney can help you navigate the legal process and pursue the compensation that you and your family deserve.

File your case: You focus on your family and recovering from your injuries. We will do the paperwork and get the legal process started for you.

Gather evidence: Your lawyer can gather the evidence needed to make your case, including video surveillance, photographs of the scene, and documents concerning recent roadway work and construction.

Calculate fair compensation: Your attorney will fight for compensation that covers all of the expenses relating to your accident.

Defend you from accusations of fault: If you are considered at fault, that can affect how much you are rewarded. Your lawyer will defend you from accusations of wrongdoing.

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