What Regulations Govern the Trucking Industry and How Do They Impact Accident Claims?

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Trucks are bigger and heavier than other vehicles on the road, and that can make them dangerous. That is why there are so many trucking regulations for drivers, transportation companies, and cargo owners to follow. When someone ignores these rules, they are making the roads more hazardous. If you or a loved one have been injured and you believe that the accident was caused by negligence, our Monmouth County, NJ truck accident attorneys can help you hold all liable parties accountable.

How Do Trucking Regulations Affect the Industry?

There are a variety of trucking regulations that aim to make the industry safer. Some of the most important rules concern:

Driver behavior and training: Obviously, the driver of the truck needs to be someone that the company can trust. They must undergo regular alcohol and drug testing. There also have to be high hiring standards and a guarantee that each driver is going to be trained properly. A driver is also subject to certain hours of service regulations. They cannot drive all day and all night. There are mandated breaks and limits on how long one can be behind the wheel.

Truck weight and size: Trucks are going to be heavier and larger than other vehicles on the road. Trucking regulations usually allow them to weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Going above that can make them less responsive and more dangerous.

Truck care and maintenance: There is also an expectation that each truck in a company’s fleet will be well cared for. If a transporter ignores rules about maintenance and vehicle care, it should be held accountable.

Can These Trucking Regulations Affect My Personal Injury Case?

Your lawyer will investigate and find out who is to blame for the accident that left you or your loved one injured. Trucking regulations usually factor in when we are deciding which liable parties to pursue for compensation. A driver who acts irresponsibly can be blamed for an accident. A company that does not maintain its trucks could be blamed if a mechanical failure factors into an accident. A cargo owner who ignores weight regulations can be blamed for an accident. Sometimes the negligence of multiple parties have contributed to a truck accident and every one of them needs to be held accountable.

What Kind of Compensation Am I Owed in a Truck Accident Case?

If you were injured in a truck accident, you may be offered a settlement check from an insurance company. This is rarely sufficient. You could have a lot of expenses stemming from a truck accident, and your compensation should make up for all of them. That includes the economic costs, like lost wages and medical bills, along with the non-economic costs, like mental anguish and pain from disability or disfigurement.

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