What do I do After Being Injured in a New Jersey Car Accident?

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Individuals who receive a driver’s license are trusted to operate their vehicles safely. If they do not, they can cause accidents that have the potential to cause serious harm or even death to innocent parties as a result. In the event that you were involved in a serious car accident, it is important to know what steps should be taken in order to protect yourself and a possible future negligence claim. Continue reading below to learn more and contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney if you were involved in an accident. 

What do I do After a Car Accident?

The aftermath of an accident can be frightening and overwhelming. One of the most important things you can do during this time is to remain calm. This allows you to handle the situation with a clear mind. Implementing the following steps can help to secure a future claim to recover compensation for damages:

  • Call the police. This should be done even if the other party involved tells you otherwise. The police can keep the scene safe as well as draft an official police report, take witness statements, and conduct any necessary chemical tests. This information can all be used in a future claim.
  • Do not apologize. It is understandable that many people’s impulse after an accident is to apologize. While it can be seen as the right thing to do under the circumstances, it is important to avoid doing so. This is because it can sometimes be seen as an admission of fault for their involvement. Instead of doing so, simply be polite and contact the emergency services. 
  • Take pictures or video of the scene. This provides you with documentation of any broken glass, deployed airbags, skid marks, and bloodstains that occurred during the accident. Documenting poor weather or road conditions can also help.
  • Record important information. While the police can take witness statements, you should also obtain their contact information. In addition to this, make note of the registration information of all vehicles involved in the accident. 
  • Seek immediate medical attention. Even if you do not feel injured, it is possible for injuries to manifest later on. That is why medical attention should be sought immediately, even if you feel fine in the moment. While emergency responders often conduct examinations on the scene, be sure to see a doctor for an official diagnosis.

Pursuing Legal Action

In order to receive compensation for any damages incurred due to the car accident, injured parties have to file a personal injury claim. This allows them to hold the negligent driver liable for the accident and injuries they caused. During this time, they can use the evidence gathered from the scene to prove negligence took place. If successful, compensation may be owed.

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