The Safest Motorcycle Helmet of 2014 Was…

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Motorcycle safety doesn’t only have to include good driving practices and having a safe bike. It also means wearing the right gear to keep yourself safe should a collision occur. The chances of surviving a crash seriously depends on the quality of your helmet.

In NJ, of course, it is illegal to operate a motorcycle without a helmet. If you get stopped by a cop not wearing one, you will surely be ticketed. If you get into an accident when not wearing a helmet, all bets are off in terms of how severe you injuries might be.

As the years pass, motorcycle companies continue to improve upon their designs, making motorcycle gear more visually appealing. Motorcycle helmets are also safer than ever before. In 2014, quite a few helmets were reviewed by bikers from a consumer standpoint. So, between a thumbs up from fellow riders and safety approvals from , and most have gotten a few seals of approval. Even so, it’s always best to get a top scoring motorcycle helmet if you want to ride safely.

Out of all the motorcycle helmets to be unveiled last year, the Shoei Solid RF-1100 Full Face helmet seems to be the overall winner. Shoei’s lightweight helmet covers every part of your face, including your eyes and mouth. Despite it covering your eyes, the face shield also was designed to make it easy enough to keep your range of vision. So, you don’t have to worry about being blindsided by an oncoming car. As such, it scored highest on visibility. Much like almost all the other products by Shoei, it also consistently made top scores for both safety and durability.

In terms of style, the RF-1100 comes in a nice variety of different sizes and colors, so you can still keep your gear stylish and comfortable without having to worry about sacrificing safety. At around $400 to $500 a pop, it’s not cheap, but it will definitely help keep you safe while you’re cruising on a bike.

Even if you have the best motorcycle helmet on the market, it’s possible to end up in a motorcycle crash that is not your fault.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Don’t wait until the hospital bills begin to come in. Call Wilton Law today for experienced representation in your motorcycle accident case.