How Does a Car Accident Affect Insurance Rates?

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When you get into a car accident, it’s probably going to affect your insurance rates. That’s unfortunate, but what’s even worse is dealing with injuries from an accident that someone else caused. If you were hurt in a crash and you believe that someone else was to blame, then our Monmouth County auto accident attorneys are ready to help you pursue compensation. Showing that you were not responsible for the accident might even help with your insurance premiums.

How Much Will My Insurance Go Up After an Accident?

How much your insurance rates go up after an accident can depend on a few different factors. If you were responsible for the accident in some way, your premiums could rise around 40%! If you were not to blame for the accident, you might still see a smaller increase in your insurance bills.

Why Does My Insurance Have to Get More Expensive?

When your insurer calculates your premiums, they are trying to figure out what kind of risk you are. If you have no recent accidents on your record, you seem like a low-risk driver. If you do get into an accident, you are suddenly riskier to insure. This means you’ll have to pay more.

How Can I Make an Accident and Insurance Increases Less Likely?

If you want to avoid higher insurance costs, you have to do your best to try and avoid accidents. When you decide to drive somewhere you should:

  • Stick to the speed limit
  • Familiarize yourself with the route beforehand
  • Avoid aggressive behaviors, like tailgating or switching lanes constantly
  • Pay attention to traffic signs and signals
  • Stay clear of other drivers who are engaged in aggressive behaviors

What Should I Do After an Accident?

If you do get into an accident, you should call the police. They can write up a report that can be useful to your insurance company and your lawyer later. You also need to exchange info with the other driver involved in the accident. Keep conversation to a minimum, take pictures of the accident scene and damage, and then get the medical care that you need as soon as you possibly can.

What If I Can Show the Accident Was Someone Else’s Fault?

Your attorney can help you gather the evidence needed to show that another driver was negligent and that their negligence caused your accident and injuries. Evidence that can help includes:

  • Surveillance footage or dash cam footage of an accident
  • Eyewitness accounts of the accident
  • Tire marks and other evidence from the scene of a crash
  • A police report diagramming the accident
  • The testimony of an expert in accident reconstruction

Any of these things can help you make a case and fight for compensation, but this evidence could also help show your insurance company that a massive premium hike is not necessary.

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