Can I Recover Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey?

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Out of every type of vehicle to hit the road, motorcycles are the smallest. Due to this and their lack of protection, this also makes them the most susceptible to danger and accidents. According to statistics, the chance of a motorcyclist dying in an accident is 18 times greater than passengers in other automobiles. These accidents also have the potential to cause serious injuries such as broken bones, concussions, spinal cord damage, and brain injuries. It is because of these dangers that it is important for motorcyclists to drive carefully by following the rules of the road. In addition to this, they should wear protective gear at all times while riding. This includes a helmet, padding, and reflective gear. While this can help riders in the event of an accident, it can not always prevent them. 

Causes of Accidents

Sometimes, an accident can happen simply due to the mistake of a motorcyclist. However, it is common for an accident to occur due to the negligence of another driver. When a driver does not follow the rules of the road, they are acting negligently by putting others on the road at risk. Motorcycle accidents can occur due to the following actions and circumstances:

  • Distracted driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Defective motorcycle parts
  • Poor weather

It is important to now that if a negligent driver causes an accident, leading to the injuries of another party, that driver can be held liable for their actions. 

Receiving Compensation

Often times, the victim of a personal injury accident such as a motorcycle accident wants to hold a negligent party responsible for the suffering they caused. This can be attained through a personal injury lawsuit. During this time, the injured party is required to prove that the other party was, in fact, negligent and caused their injuries. To do this, they must satisfy the burden of proof with evidence. Evidence that can be beneficial in a case can consist of a police report from the accident, medical documentation of the injuries, pictures of the accident, and any witness testimonies.

In the event of a successful case, the motorcyclist may be able to recover compensation. This exists as coverage for any damages incurred due to the accident. With this, the injured party is able to recover without worrying about affording any additional costs. In the state of Maryland, compensation may be awarded for the following damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Medical care
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of current and future wages
  • Funeral expenses in the event of wrongful deaths

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