Autumn Driving Hazards to Avoid

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It is always important to be on the lookout for any dangerous conditions when you’re driving. It’s also important to remember that different seasons can make different dangers more common. As the leaves change and the fall weather sets in, here are some autumn driving hazards you will want to do your best to avoid. If you do get into an accident, our Monmouth County auto accident attorneys are ready to help you.

What Autumn Driving Hazards Should I Look Out For?

After the sun and fun of the summer driving season, the fall can present a few new driving dangers that you need to be aware of. Autumn driving hazards that can easily contribute to accidents include:

Leaves: The fall foliage is beautiful, but it can also be a danger to motorists. Falling leaves can cover the road, obscuring hazards like potholes. The leaves themselves can also become autumn driving hazards when they get wet. These slippery leaves could cause you to lose control or slide when you hit the brakes, making an accident more likely.

Darker days: The fall season also means shorter days. Your drive home from work was sunny and bright for a while, but now it’s going to start to get darker earlier. You probably will have to worry about safely commuting in the dark, but you also might need to worry about driving home as the sun goes down. This can create glare and blind you or other drivers. Keep your sunglasses handy.

Wild animals: Many animals change their habits in the fall and could become more common presences near the roads you travel on most often. Keep an eye out for animals like deer and keep in mind that many of these creatures travel in groups. So if you see one there could be more nearby, ready to jump out onto the road.

What Should I Do If I Get Into an Accident?

If you do get into an accident this season, you should take steps to protect yourself and build a personal injury case. We suggest that you:

  • Pull over somewhere safe
  • Exchange information with any other involved drivers
  • Call the police
  • Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle
  • Take photos of any autumn driving hazards that could have contributed to the accident
  • Get medical care right away
  • Keep any bills or documents relating to the accident organized

Can I Still Sue for Damages if One of These Autumn Driving Hazards Caused My Accident?

You can still sue even if one of these common autumn driving hazards were to blame for an accident. This is because, while these hazards contribute to accidents, it is still a driver’s duty to act responsibly. So maybe slippery leaves helped cause your crash, but the collision actually never would have happened if the other driver was not speeding. In that case, that driver should be sued for damages.

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