Why should I avoid posting on social media after filing a personal injury claim?

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After suffering an accident you may feel angry, be in physical and emotional pain, and want to share what happened with others. It is important to take precautions to refrain from sharing on social media when filing a personal injury claim. For over 20 years, our Monmouth County personal injury attorneys have proudly represented injured clients in New Jersey. If you have suffered serious injuries due to the negligence of another party, we can help. We can provide you with representation and knowledge on what to do next. While you seek the compensation you need and the justice you deserve, it is best practice to avoid posting on social media.

Should I refrain from posting on social media after a personal injury claim?

The best approach to take is “less is more.” Take action to keep your life private during your personal injury case. Do not accept new friend requests unless you know the individual reaching out. Keep your profile set to private. Until the case is resolved it is best to stay away from social media. Although this may be difficult, it’s the best way to avoid jeopardizing your personal injury claim. In general, assume that your posts could hurt your case. Think of the famous saying, “Anything you say now can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

Don’t post any pictures of the accident scene, hospital, vehicles, or any other items involved. Even seemingly innocent images could mistakenly disprove your claim. Prepare friends and family to follow these guidelines. Even posts that are not on your personal account could harm your case. A friend or family member may post something that contradicts your claim. This could be used against you. Don’t comment on other posts. If the other party posts something that is directly or indirectly relevant to your injury, do not comment. Defendants will very closely monitor this information. After performing an in-depth review, they will decide whether or not it undermines you. When in doubt, assume everything could be used against you. Be careful, even in a private account. This will ensure you have a stronger case and give your lawyers the best chances at the best outcome. Even posts shared on private accounts could be admissible in court.

When in doubt, avoid it entirely. If it is too tempting for you to share or you think you might just forget this advice and comment one day, stay off social media until your case is resolved.

You are already enduring a lot after a personal injury. Remember, these lawsuits can be complex. Seek and follow the advice of an expert the entire time during your case for the best possible results. The Wilton Law Firm understands your suffering. We know that you are a person, not a case. For the quality legal representation you need, contact us today.