Charged with Leaving the Scene of an Accident? You Can Still Come Back

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If you’re like most motorists, you didn’t wake up this morning looking to hit the road and cause an accident—if you did, that’s a whole other area of criminal law. The same logic undoubtedly applies to those who find themselves leaving the scene of an accident. While some who are accused of “hit and run” may be looked at with scorn and derision, the reality is that many people who leave the scene of an accident are just overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. They see their own life flashing before their eyes (prison, fines, gut-wrenching remorse, etc.), even if the accident was only minor and the damage minimal.

Unfortunately, regardless of your state of mind, leaving the scene of an accident is one of New Jersey’s most serious automotive infractions. If the accident results in death or injury, conviction under the applicable statute brings a minimum fine of $2,500, which can reach as high as $5,000, as well as a minimum of 180 days in county jail. Additionally, convicted motorists will have their license suspended for one year. While the penalties are considerably less severe in an accident that only resulted in property damage, they can still be incredibly disruptive to one’s quality of life because they include up to 90 days in jail.

If you’re charged with leaving the scene of an accident, it’s imperative that you seek experienced and qualified legal representation immediately. An experienced traffic lawyer may be able to help you plead to a lesser charge and reduce your penalty to a simple fine. Without an experienced legal advocate on your side, it will be very difficult to argue for lighter sentencing, regardless of your driving record or criminal history. Don’t let a lapse in judgment derail the rest of your life. Everyone makes mistakes; let an experienced attorney help you rectify yours.

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