Municipal Offenders Can Do Community Service Instead of Paying Fines

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There are many municipal crimes that most people think aren’t considered all that serious. However, whether it’s a nuisance charge or something that seriously damaged property, all municipal crimes are taken very seriously in small towns all across Monmouth County and throughout NJ. The penalties associated with these crimes can hurt your pocketbook.

Usually, if you are found guilty in municipal court, you must pay the fines immediately upon sentencing. However, now, if you’ve been charged with a municipal crime and convicted, you may be able to ask the judge in your case to have you do community service instead of paying a financial penalty. Having an experienced municipal defense lawyer on your side is extremely helpful in these cases.

Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation that offers leniency to New Jersey residents who do not have the money to pay penalties associated with minor municipal convictions. In addition to the option of offering community service, a judge can also allow a defendant to pay a fine in installments. If the judge decides to put you on an installment plan, you will have a set time to pay down the fine. now has the ability to allow the person to pay the penalty in installments for a set period of time or perform community service instead of a financial penalty.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a municipal crime in New Jersey, contact the Wilton Law Firm in Middletown, NJ. We have significant experience in working with local courts to get your charges reduced or dismissed. In cases of convictions, we can request leniency on your behalf.