Worker’s Compensation System Helped Put an End to Unsafe Working Conditions in NJ

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Employers in New Jersey are required by law to provide Workers’ Compensation benefits if an employee is injured on the job. In return for these benefits, which include medical treatment, replacement pay and, quite possibly, a cash award, employees are not permitted in almost any circumstance to sue their employer after being injured at work. It’s important to speak with an experienced Workers’ Comp lawyer who understands the laws in this area so you can be correctly guided toward getting the most from your claim.

Injured workers are often frustrated when they find out they aren’t allowed to sue their employer. However, there is a history behind the Workers’ Compensation System, beginning with the earliest American workforces.

Back in 1850 to 1870, most factories were extremely hazardous places to work. Without proper safety equipment and machinery that was properly maintained, workers lost limbs and suffered other catastrophic injuries in the workplace. Further, there were no child labor laws so small children were put in terribly unsafe situations where they often lost their lives. However, workers and their families rarely saw a dime of compensation for these injuries.

As a result of workers’ strikes, increased pressure to rectify these serious factory issues, and an increased focused on employees’ rights, many lawmakers acted to create new laws. Alabama and Georgia were the first states to enact laws, but 26 other states soon followed suit between 1855 and 1907. Laws continued to be passed in just about every state protecting workers from unfair termination, as well as unfair lack of compensation. New Jersey was no exception and today there are a multitude of laws dedicated to helping NJ workers.

If you’ve been hurt while working on the job, it’s quite possible that those same historical laws could be the ones that help you keep your life together while you recover from your injury. In order to take advantage of the laws that help workers like you, it’s crucial to have a great lawyer by your side. Contact the Wilton Law Firm for a consultation about your case.