What Causes Truck Accidents in New Jersey?

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Trucks are immensely large and weigh more than any other vehicle. It is because of this that they are the most dangerous vehicle on the road. All truck drivers should be careful and provide the road with their undivided attention at all times so that they do not cause an accident. Truck accidents can result in serious, life-changing injuries. Those who do suffer from this can pursue legal action to recover compensation with the help of a New Jersey personal injury attorney.

What are Causes of Truck Accidents?

There are many major highways in the state of New Jersey where a truck accident can happen. This could be the result of any of the following:

  • Poor judgement: This can include actions such as speeding, reckless driving, improper lane changes, making dangerous turns, following others too closely, and more.
  • Distracted driving: When drivers do not pay attention, they may not be able to prevent an accident by slowing down or stopping the vehicle in time.
  • Impaired driving: Drivers who are under the influence, are drowsy, or suffer from a medical condition while driving can cause an accident.
  • Vehicle malfunction: Trucks that have defective parts can malfunction on the road and cause an accident.
  • Poor conditions: If a road is not maintained or there is poor weather, accidents can happen.

How do I Pursue Legal Action?

Those who suffer from an injury as a result of a truck accident may wish to pursue legal action in order to recover compensation for the damages they incurred. This can be done by filing a personal injury claim in which they are required to prove the party in question was negligent. To do so, they must gather evidence that shows this party engaged in behavior that directly caused the accident and injuries to happen. During this time, it is important to know that the negligent party may not necessarily be a truck driver, but sometimes a third-party. Evidence that can be helpful for a claim can include medical records, a police report from the accident, pictures or video of the scene, witness testimonies, and more. 

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