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Every year around this time millions of people open their garage doors and beam with excitement at the prospect of getting on their motorcycle and hitting the road. After the particularly harsh winter New Jersey just experienced, it’s likely that you’re more excited than ever to get out on the road.

With such congested roadways and many drivers in a hurry to get to their destinations, the unfortunate reality is that there will be motorcycle accidents this season. The Insurance Institute for Highway Traffic Safety reports that there were 4,381 fatal motorcycle crashes in 2013 and while these numbers are going down, it’s not nearly enough.

In May, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month remind us of what riders can do to minimize risk on their end. But May is one month of the year and, truth be told, many riders are simply the casualties of other motorists’ failure to observe them – all year round. In New Jersey, as people flock to the Jersey Shore for vacations, it’s more important than ever for bikers to be vigilant about protecting themselves. One of the most common causes of car-to-bike accidents is the failure of the driver to see the bike before impact.

While you can’t always protect yourself from other drivers’ carelessness, you can be protected in the event that anything happens. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you vigorously pursue compensation from the other driver so you can pay your hospital bills and be compensated for whatever other damages you might have sustained. In many cases, the damage of a motorcycle accident is irrevocable and requires multiple medical interventions, if not lifelong care. It’s critical that you have means to take care of yourself in the event of major or catastrophic injury.

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