Prescription Monitoring Database May Be a Tough Pill for Doctors to Swallow

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After years of battling rampant prescription opioid addiction, New Jersey initiated a comprehensive prescription monitoring database. There’s only one problem: no doctors are checking it and, currently, they don’t have to. A bill before the New Jersey State Assembly would mandate that all doctors licensed to prescribe medication in the state of NJ check in with the prescription database.

The measure is being introduced to prevent addicts and abusers from being able to gain access to prescription opioids. New Jersey is currently in the grips of a heroin abuse crisis that, for many affected, stemmed from improper use of prescription painkillers.

The medical community is not without blame for the explosion of prescription addiction that has consumed New Jersey and the rest of the country. The unfortunate reality is that many patients suffering from substance abuse started off taking a prescription that was hastily or irresponsibly administered by a physician. Currently, less than half of those who have the authority to write prescriptions are active on the database.

The pending legislation would inject some much-needed accountability and transparency into the prescription process. It would also prevent addicts from what’s known as “doctor-shopping” or jumping from office to office searching for pills. Let’s hope this new measure forces doctors to refocus and be responsible with their script writing.

If you or someone you care was prescribed a medication that caused serious harm and caused injury, you may have a medical malpractice case against the negligent doctor. Improperly prescribed medication can have a lasting impact and even take a life.

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