Is a Bicycle Accident Covered Under Insurance?

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Riding a bike is a great way to exercise or travel around in an environmentally-friendly manner. However, drivers are not always kind to cyclists, which can lead to collisions and subsequent injuries. When you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident, you may wonder if your insurance will cover the bills. Keep reading to learn more and discover how Monmouth County bicycle accident attorneys can help you recover compensation for the damages sustained.

How Does a Bicycle Accident Happen?

Bicycle accidents can occur in a number of ways, from drivers to pedestrians. Cars can cause accidents when they open doors to oncoming cyclists, drive in bike lanes, fail to yield to bicycles, and follow too closely behind or ride right next to cyclists.

Unsafe conditions and hazards can also cause bicycle injuries. For example, potholes, improperly marked hazards on the road, parked cars in bike lanes, and slippery roadways can cause bicycles to lose control and suffer injury.

Finally, other cyclists and pedestrians can cause collisions, as those who don’t pay attention can lead to an accident. Whether pedestrians are looking at their phones while stepping into the street or other bicyclists aren’t following the rules of the road, you can collide with others and suffer injury to yourself and damage to your bicycle.

Will My Insurance Cover My Medical Bills?

When you’re in the hospital or frequently visiting doctors for injuries sustained in a cycling collision, you may worry about who will pay the bills. Luckily, your insurance will typically cover bicycle accidents, which can help ease the burden of astronomical medical bills.

If struck by a car, typically the driver’s auto insurance will cover your medical expenses. They will also cover the damages to your bicycle, which can help ensure you don’t have to spend big on repairs. When a negligent pedestrian causes an injury, their homeowner’s insurance will typically cover the medical bill and damages to the bicycle.

If a pothole or hazard on the road causes an accident, your own insurance will typically cover the medical expenses. However, you may have to pay for the repairs on your bicycle unless you’ve claimed the item on your homeowner’s insurance.

What Steps Should You Take After an Accident?

When you’ve been involved in an accident, ensuring you take the proper steps is crucial to helping prove the negligent party was responsible for your injuries when submitting a claim to their insurance company. This includes taking photos and videos and collecting the contact information of witnesses.

You should also seek medical attention immediately if the injuries you’ve sustained are emergent. However, you can wait to see your regular doctor if the issues seem minor. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to establish a medical record, as an insurance adjuster may claim your injuries are not that severe if you didn’t see a doctor.

Finally, you’ll need to retain the aid of a professional lawyer. Whether you want to ensure you get a suitable settlement for your injuries or you want to file a lawsuit against the negligent party, the Wilton Law Firm can help. We will fight to ensure you get the justice you deserve.