Words of Wisdom to Help New Drivers Stay Safe in New Jersey

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They can’t wait to get their license and enjoy the freedom and independence of the open road. While teens can’t wait until they have driving privileges, many parents don’t view things the same way. In fact, it’s likely that most parents with kids who drive know all-too-well the dread of wondering when they are coming home or whether they are obeying the rules of the road.

You may not be able to always be in the car with them physically. However, parents of new drivers can make an impression so their words of wisdom echo in their children’s heads when they are out on the roadway alone.

  1. Slow down! The freedom a new driver feels behind the wheel – especially if it’s their first car – is extraordinary. Understandably, they tend to speed because they are so excited to get to where they are going. They don’t even realize they have a proverbial “lead foot.” So, parents need to remind new drivers to obey all posted signs – especially speed limits. They are not suggestions and tickets are expensive.
  2. Stay close to home. New drivers have the rest of their lives to explore the world. While they are new to the road, parents should encourage them to stay in the neighborhood and surrounding towns. Many new drivers want to drive themselves to school. That might be OK. However, driving hours to visit a friend at their school can wait until the new driver has more hours under his or her belt.
  3. No texting. As obvious as it sounds, car keys and cell phone don’t mix. Say it early and often to your new driver. Statistics reveal that texting while driving can cause even more serious damage than drinking while driving (DWI).
  4. Stay alert while driving. This advice can take a few different forms. Make sure your kids know never to drive when sleepy. It’s just too easy to fall asleep while driving. Delay the trip or pull to the side of the road. Additionally, pay attention to the road. Animals run out. Other drivers weave and speed. Tell your teen drivers the truth: everything on the road is unreliable. They have to be vigilant about their surroundings.

Sending your new driver out on the roads, especially in New Jersey where traffic is the norm, is a harrowing experience for every parent. You pray a little and hope that your kid will follow the rules and do the right thing. And, if they do get injured in an accident, know there is help. Contact the Wilton Law Firm for help with your personal injury case.